Framing Fantastic Art has been going since 1989 when artist Sur Jamie Richmond, our Jamie; got a pastel piece of his framed by a local picture framer and the artwork got wrecked. Upon pulling apart the framing and seeing the poor workmanship that had gone into the job  on top of the fact that his art work had been damaged in the process got him thinking. Jamie decided to buy the business but to approach the work as he was, as an artist, so each piece is a work of craftsmanship. Despite many set backs, obstacles, and many many many hours of hard work, Jamie has grown the business to what it is today. Today Framing Fantastic Art is not just a picture framing business but also a hub for creativity in the western suburbs. Framing Fantastic Art has survived despite the influx of cheap ready-made frames and inferior synthetics because of Jamie's emphasis on being a 'creative picture framer' that has imbedded into the culture of the shop. Jamie's credo is "you name it, we can frame it!" and that's how we do it. The shop also emphasises it's 'workshop' like atmosphere by not just being a place for picture framing but also all your arts and craft needs.
Sur James Richmond is the owner of Framing Fantastic Art, an accomplished artist, and an avid traveler. Jamie has been exploring with passion all the myriad mediums and styles the arts have to offer for the past 40+ years. Jamie is a master of many mediums and has had multiple solo and group exhibitions. Jamie is also an accomplished tattooist and airbrush artist. To learn more about Jamie and his artwork visit his website here.
Andrew Dyer has worked along side Jamie for many years now and he has established himself as a very talented local artist. He would regularly be seen traveling on public transport sketching many different scenes that past by. Andrew is now a important part of the FFA family and stands out as an expert in our sporting and memorabilia framing.