Framing Fantastic Art offers a beautiful way to preserve and present treasured sports guernseys or other sporting garments. There are a multitude of ways to frame your prized item to develop a beautiful and unique display of your passion for your team. We of course can frame other objects of sports memorabilia - just have a look at our memorabilia page. Feel free to contact us for a quote, or better yet bring it in and share your enthusiasm with us! To get your mind working have a look at some of our past projects below.
Have your local or favourite team jersey framed in a box frame with black/white backing From $300.
Add colored backing and or borders in team colors,for that extra wow factor.
Recieved a medal or lanyard for your efforts on the field, why not add it to a jersey to display proudly.
You can also add a team photo/action shots.

At Framing Fantastic art the sky's the limit for what you can add to your prized signed Guernsey.