Framing Fantastic Art specialise in framing objects of memorabilia. In the past we’ve handled a wide range of pieces and done some wonderful combination works as well, really the sky is the limit on what can be done. Come in and visit us and speak with one of the team members today to get a one on one consultation (or even get the whole team in on it!) on how to best present your treasured medals, masks, toys, jigsaws, paper tole, flags, shoes, billiard cues, cricket bats, ceremonial swords, musical instruments, wedding bouquets, baby clothes, and anything else you might like to hang on your wall.
We can frame all your medals and awards, Preserve your past family members war medals or the kids awards.
Have your treasured items of clothing safely preserved for years of viewing pleasure.
Frame your traditional tribes items for that facinating conversation piece. Or just your favourite toy from your childhood.
Been to your favourite music concert and want to remember it forever,then have all your ticket stubs cd's and anything you desire framed and hung proudly on your wall for all to see.
Have your treasured sporting items framed and preserved, a great addition to any games room.
If you would like to preserve your delicate bridal flowers or any flower arrangement you may have then let us guide you through your options for the perfect complement to any room.
We have framed many styles of decerative masks and would be happy to discuss any options or ideas you have for those precious masks from all corners of the world.

Preserve those special things that only happen once in a lifetime.